KRKC&CO team has been asked by many customers: is your jewelry 100% gold? Are those ice real diamonds?

Formally, put our answer here: we use real 14K or 18K gold plated (5 times plated) and real AAA Cubic Zirconia based on brass to create jewelry, which remains the shiny glossiness like real gold and diamond, and keeps the highest quality by the modern top-notch craftsmanship.

Literally, KRKC team taking this as one of the top significant customer concerns, has been trying to give customers clear explanations so they can buy what they really want, you can see there is a fair statement on every product page defining what it's made of.

Like a real and honest friend, KRKC shows the truth to customers and tries to give them the most comforting option. It was the customer-oriented concept that makes KRKC&CO team confident of using gold-plated and 5A CZ to create a new better option in hip hop fashion.

Why does KRKC&CO jewelry make customers comfortable?

We mean, comfortable in physical and in mental.

Simply, KRKC&CO has the ability to design and create first-class hip hop jewelry that looks like real gold and with a durable-feeling, more importantly, a large number of ordinary people can buy their loved jewelry at KRKC&CO at very affordable prices.

Digging into the further reason, the three founders of KRKC&CO, were enthusiastic about hip hop music, but suffering from the fact that could hardly find a distinctive hip hop jewelry they can afford. Having a deep insight on urban youth’s fashion attitude and living situation, they decided to create KRKC&CO in the hope of every young people like them can wear stylish and personalized jewelry showing off in the party, hanging out with friends without breaking their banks.

Obviously, KRKC&CO is not only offering a great selection of well-designed, high-quality hip hop jewelry at the reasonable price, basically, also providing the “best of both worlds” fashion solution to helping hip hop fans and urban crowd freely show the best-self in various fashion stages.

Why the price and quality hereto come so important?

Let’s see some data in below comparison forms.

Jewelry made of 100% real gold and diamonds is about 100 times higher-price than KRKC&CO jewelry, while you could hardly see obvious differences between them, and this is the result of our top-notch craftsmanship level.

Maybe you've met some look-like jewelry at a lower price on Amazon or eBay, in this case, quality is the actual difference behind the price difference. We've tested a gold Cuban chain bought from eBay, made of alloy or poor plating, which turns out the gold finish couldn't last more than 1 month.

KRKC&CO jewelry is worth buying not only because it's made with 5 times gold plating including 2 real gold plating which makes it hard to fade, but also it's quality-guaranteed with a 1-year warranty. The beautiful finish can last at least 1 year as long as under proper use and maintenance

If you want to know further details of how KRKC&CO jewelry takes an advantage over others, you are welcome to check this article: