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How did the logo of KRKC come into being?

We believe hip hop is a spirit that inspires us to keep real and keep champion. To achieve this, you need to be a soldier to fight your way out, so we design a squatting soldier holding a shield, and then simplify it to our current logo which contains the initials of Keep Real and Keep Champion.

The logo contains four letters: K, R, K and C, representing Keep Real, Keep Champion. The overall logo is like a squatting soldier holding a shield, symbolizing the spirit of advocating freedom, manifesting true self, and striving to be authentic.


KRKC's highly skilled team of designers uses the most fashionable elements. We used advanced 3D software to design hundreds of outstanding works to ensure the fidelity of the products and restore the original beauty of the material. Using exquisite jewellery craftsmanship, each step of the product's choice of materials, modeling, cutting, polishing, inlaying, etc. is carefully handcrafted to ensure that every piece of jewelry shine and sparkle on their owners.


 Our Vision: Be the world's premier hip hop jewelry brand and cater to the affordable high-quality needs.