Do you need a new fancy ring? Do you have a tight or limited budget? No matter how excited you could be for the diamonds, but normally you can’t afford one every time. So, does that mean you can’t actually get one? Well, you don’t have to worry as you can opt for an alternative and still enjoy the beauty that comes with a Diamond. 

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One of the many popular alternatives that you can have is Moissanite. It is almost very similar to diamond, including looks and structure, so you won’t even feel the difference as the general user.

Saying that Moissanite and diamond are quite similar won’t be enough for you when you are looking forward to buying one. So, we are going to discuss the main features, differences, and similarities of the Moissanite and Diamond. Hence, you can make a better decision for yourself.

Diamond Alternative: Moissanite 
Diamond has now become very common all around but that does not impact the beauty and value that comes with this precious stone. Unfortunately, not everyone can get one because of its high prices. So here comes the savior in the form of Moissanite. The naturally occurring stone is very precious and rarely found but here we are talking about the Moissanite created in labs using different chemical components.

Moissanite vs. Diamond? 
Get to know the basic features, differences, and similarities of the Moissanite and Diamond. This will make it easier for you to make an informed decision.

Cut: Sparkle, Color, Refraction
Sparkle: The Moissanite has a more colorful sparkle than that of the Diamond. It is because the Moissanite possesses double refractive properties, making it more shiny and sparkly. It is perfect for all those who love to wear jewelry that grabs attention.

In the diamond, there are spots of light that flashes when the diamond moves. The diamond patterns contrast in dark and bright areas.  


Color: The Moissanite can be created in various colors. Sometimes, it is colorless or has a yellowish-green shade. With the modern techniques, the scientists are now able to get pure high quality colorless Moissanite. 

The color of Diamond can have a great variation. It is graded on the scale of D-Z. The D refers to the diamond being colorless. The Z indicates that the diamond can be light yellow or brown in color. 


Refraction: The refraction between a Moissanite and diamond is the best way to differentiate them. In the Moissanite, you will see two slightly blurred lines, indicating a double refraction. This doubly refractive is an inherent quality of the Moissanite.

Although, these are technical terms but we are sure you would be interested to know about them, as it will impact your overall decision. So here is another technical one, the Mohs scale. The Mohs scale is used to measure the gemstone's hardness. The hardness of a gemstone also indicates its durability. Diamond, being the hardest mineral, is very durable. 

The Moissanite ranges from 9-9.5. While the diamond has a measurement of 10. Just because the Moissanite is low in hardness, it does not mean it scratches easily. It will only scratch with another mineral of the same or higher scale hardness. The Moissanite is also a very durable stone, making it perfect for rings. The high durability of the stone makes it harder to break or get a scratch. 

The price of the Moissanite is always lesser than that of the diamond. You can find a typical Moissanite in 1/10th price of a diamond. With same characteristics of a diamond (like hardness, refraction, color and sparkle), wouldn’t you be better off getting a Moissanite instead of a diamond?

Besides, you might get a higher price as a resale in case of Moissanite, but in case of diamond, it will remain half, for sure. So, this gives you a dual opportunity to save. What else do you need?  

The Moissanite is so much similar to the Diamond that it cannot be differentiated by the naked eyes. The Moissanite has more luster and brilliance than diamond. It is hard to differentiate these stones. 

Because of their extreme similarities, the basic diamond testers sometimes do not even identify the Moissanite as the other stone but diamond. As this stone passes all these certifications, so you can easily consider purchasing Moissanite as an alternative. It proves a viable solution in case of limited budget.

Who should you Pick Moissanite?
The Moissanite is the best option for individuals who want a conflict-free stone with the same shine and appearance that of a diamond but within an economical price. Obviously, timeless appearance and high-quality are some other features that come along.

Additionally, it is also a good choice for individuals who care about environment and don’t want to destroy it for ornamental purposes. As Moissanite is lab-grown, they can buy it easily.

Thirdly, it also suits the need of individuals who are concerned about the numbers that come with a diamond like refractive index. A Moissanite passes all the certifications that a diamond can, thus giving you the best alternative.
So, buy now!

The Conflict-free Moissanite is not expensive. The conflict-free Moissanite rings are safe and there are no financed civil wars related to it.

The quality of the Moissanite is very amazing. It has more brilliance and luster than diamond, which makes it more attractive.

High Refractive Index
The Moissanites have a high refractive index, which makes them shine more. The double refraction makes it reflect light.

Timeless Appearance
The brilliance and luster of the Moissanite stone is timeless and it maintains its sparkly appearance for a long time. 

Lastly Ability
Because the Moissanite is hard in structure, it has a lasting ability. It remains scratch less for a long time or even for a lifetime.

The Moissanites are prepared in labs; therefore, they have less carbon in them. This results in it being an eco-friendly stone.

Made In a Lab
The Moissanites are made in a lab; hence, they are less expensive. Moreover, because of modern technologies, they also don't affect human health.

Diamonds are very attractive. There is nothing wrong in choosing the diamonds but you should always know your options. Apart from the Diamond, the Moissanite is a great choice. 

The Moissanite stones are sparkly and brilliant in appearance. If you have a low budget and need something special, go for the Moissanite. You’ll love it for sure. 

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