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Affiliate Program

August Incentive: Chance To Win Free Product

Dear Publishers,
KRKC August incentive plan is coming. If you are a blogger, you have the chance to win free products and Extra Bonus this time. Welcome to contact me.
Active Details:
1. 18% commission rate for bloggers in August.
2. Write an article about KRKC, win a Free Products worth $100 if it gets the most clicks
3. The first sale wins an extra $10 BONUS.
4. The paid article is acceptable if meets our requirement.
Forbid cheating and any paid search on KRKC trademark terms. 
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in our new plan.

Affiliate Program

Welcome to our affiliate program page.

Krkc&Co offers you three affiliate programs to choose from ShareASale, LinkShare, and Refersion Enterprise. We've established and maintained great cooperation relationships with these affiliate programs.
We pay commission to you for every valid purchase of our products made through your website(s). We will provide you with useful information and all-round support to help you gain more traffic and sales!

How to Join Krkc&Co Affiliate Program

1. Log in Shareasale, Linkshare, or Webgains as affiliates or publishers.
2. Search for our account (Shareasale ID:92435; Linkshare ID:45358; Webgains ID: 280205).




3. Grab the Krkc&Co affiliate link code from the site and add it to your own website(s).

Why Choose Us

1. Up to 20% commission
2. AOV is over $130
3. 60 days cookie period
4. Free shipping
5. Banner, Coupon, Text link updated every month.

Join Us!

Don’t hesitate to join us, let’s make money together!  If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please feel free to contact will get back to you in 2 business days.


If you want to promote our Japan website, click HERE to get more details about Japan's Affiliate program.

July Incentive Plan: Get More Bonus

July Incentive Plan: Get More Bonus

Dear Affiliates,

The July incentive plan is ready for all Publishers. Just send your Publisher ID to this email address( and you can successfully participate in this plan. After participation, the only thing you need to do is focus on doing your promotion for KRKC. The following table is the specific activities:
For example, if you brought us $250 in June, then you will get $100 Bonus if you bring $1250 in July.
  1. This incentive plan doesn’t apply to publishers who in special commission or other incentive plans.
  2. If you are a New publisher, you can choose only one incentive plan to join. (New Publisher Incentive Plan or July Incentive Plan)
  3. Not allowed Trademark bidding and cheating.
  4. All the bonuses will be sent before Aug 20th.
Don't miss this chance, send me your publisher id.
Good Luck!

June Incentive Activity


Krkc&Co affiliate program Newly Incentive Activity of June is coming. It’s very simple to join this click incentive activity. As long as you bring us more traffic, you will get the corresponding bonus.

Some advice to get more clicks: you could put our banner or coupon on your homepage placement, more exposure, more clicks.



Click here to participate in this activity:

Must know:
1. Bonuses are not cumulative. E.g. If you bring 510 clicks on Linkshare in June, you will get $20 as a bonus.
2. Everyone has only one chance to participate. If you join multiple platforms, the platform with the highest number of clicks will count.
3. You must fill out this form if you wanna participate. Participate deadline: June 20th.
4. Do not use malicious tools to bring clicks, Cheating clicks do not participate in this activity.
5. If you win the bonus, please provide your promotional website page or channel to us.

All the bonuses will be send in July 20th. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any problems with this incentive plan.

Good Luck with your promotion.