Since the establishment, KRKC&CO jewelry persists on the orientation of customers’ demands and always sticks to the principle that sets the “high quality” and “affordable” urban jewelry as our primary goals. Therefore, along the way of our rapid development, the company has received billions of good comments from our valued customers. Currently, we are keeping 99.9% positive feedback of our best selling chains and pendants.


In fact, we can not achieve the big success without the full support of our customers who are from all over the world, such as the U.S., Japan, the U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia,  Korea...

In order to express our gratitude for your sustained support and maintain the level of our service, KRKC&CO. will continue to hold the principle of “Keep Real, Keep Champion” and focus on our products innovation and self-brand cultivation to fulfill all the requirements of our clients. At the same time, we were, we are and we will try our best to deepen the connections with our customers by using multiple communication methods to assure that each order is completed successfully and every product is delivered on time.

Here are some examples of our customer feedback.

Customer worldwide

The mission of KRKC&CO is to provide a high-quality product to consumers around the world, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, no matter where are you from, we guarantee that we will offer the most professional and efficient service to each client.

Payment security

One customer from Portugal has the problem about the pattern of payment, we reply his question immediately and solve the problem efficiently. In KRKC&CO, your payment information is fully confidential and we guarantee that the payment security of your every order is through a reliable payment platform.

Custom-made service

For those customers who have specific requirements, we will provide reasonable recommendation and offer the customized service to meet your demands. We will maintain timely communication with our clients to assure that every detail is of the design meets the needs.


Knowing the story behind the jewelry

Each pendant has its own story, and we are willing to share it with those who have good taste and a strong curiosity. Our customer has the chance to know the idea behind the outstanding design and feel the real cultural value of each piece of work.

Only offer your favorites!

Naruto o Superhero, the best product is only in KRKC. Before each order, we will combine an in-depth understanding of your hobby and favorite stuff to make sure that the jewelry meets your requirements.

We want to say thank you for all of our devoted customers for your constant trust and continued support and appreciation of KRKC, we hope you to experience not only our fashionable design philosophy but also the determination that we will continue to provide the best service!

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