The Cuban chain is always the G.O.A.T. in the hip-hop jewelry game. If you are into following hip-hop, rap, street fashion, or Y2K style, then you must have heard of or have one chain in your accessories collection.

However, are tired of wearing the links that everyone wears in the block, and want something special? Let’s how KRKC rocks you this time!

Inspired by trends over the social media, summer-style, and trending fashion ideas, KRKC & Co releases new series of Cuban links that show personality by multi-color design and deconstructs the spirit of hip-hop by new patterns.

Anyway, what are the chains? Let’s get it!

First of all, mixing the color of navy blue, purple, and rose-red, while adding the pattern of little monster’s eyes,we have the one that leads the idea of mix-and-match.

As the main idea of our brand name, KRKC,keep real keep champion, which encourages people to follow their heart, we choose the most representative colors from the LBGT rainbow, aiming to inspire our customers, the KRKC family, to show their personality.

Especially the cute evil eyes pattern will strengthen the whole multi-color design and the overall unique vibe, so there we have another chain from this series, only have the eyes.

With this cute black-and-yellow, little evil eyes chain, whenever you want to stand out on the street, at the party, or pride parade, getting your Y2K outfit, you will never be outdated!

Have you been to Hawaii or West Coast? When the epidemic period passes, when the lockdown’s over, it’s summertime for fun! After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy the sunshine, beach, and ocean moment on vacation! Well, KRKC takes the chance to merge all those elements in one single Cuban chain!

Mixing the sandy yellow, navy blue, sky blue, and palm tree patterns, KRKC creates a summer vacation vibe that makes people can feel the sea breeze. Imagining wear it on vacation, you can feel the are hard not to stand out from the crowd!

What? You only wear Hawaii shirts on summertime vacation? Don’t worry, we also have a single navy color Cuban chain and one chain only has palm tree patterns. So, you can never go wrong with KRKC design, right?

The last chain is inspired by the African Savannah. By matching Africa Black, Sunshine Yellow, Elephant Grey, and leopard print, a modern vibe full of wild enthusiasm that belongs to the African Savannah is created.

This is not a general mix and match design but also can represent what KRKC wants to tell the people: follow the inner heart, listen to the voice of your origin and nature.


Most importantly, we also design a monochromatic leopard print necklace. The sexy and wild charm of leopard print elements has never been neglected in the fashion game, as they said that leopard print is versatile.

It can cross the boundaries of age, occupation, identity and even gender helps people switch styles on multiple occasions. An irresistible leopard print chain, do you want one?

As before, the new multi-color Cuban chains keep using brass base, uses white lacquer to stress their excellent appearance in various patterns.

What do you think of our multi-color Cuban links? Do you think it is a brave innovation in the game by throwing the multi colors and patterns in the classic Cuban design?

If you are interested in hip-hop culture, streetwear or Y2K styles, etc., please let us know what spins off your mind!