If you search "How to be rich" on google, you will find there are almost 1.5 billion results. It seems like everybody has the same ambition-become a rich person. However, how to definite the meaning of rich? Is there a shortcut of becoming a wealthy man?

It's really hard to answer. However, before you speak out your points, I would like to share with you two pie charts, where you may get different results.

Curious? Now, look at your personal routine, which one is close to your life? To be honest, I belong to chart B. You work and get paid, buy something you like, hang out with friends...It's a life without too much pressure and to some degree, we are satisfied with that. 

But, if I tell you the first schedule belongs to Mark Zuckerberg and the second one is just from a guy I meet on the street, what's your opinion? Will you still choose a life of Chart B?

We don't have the answer.

If you have an account of Facebook(I believe you have one), Zuckerberg couldn't be a strange name. 

Only 34 years old, but run a giant social-media company, with a market cap of $55 billion. I would say if I had such a number of money, I wouldn't work anymore. However, there is some reason that we are not a billionaire. As the CEO of Facebook, he works up to 60 hours a week. Moreover, he also finds some time to exercise, travel, and spend time with his family. He is richer than 99% of people on earth, but he stays productive and balanced by making the right choices and setting ambitious goals for himself. 


We shape and design our own world, and, generally speaking, the way we are treated depends on how we treat others. Therefore, stop complaining about life, we should move on and keep ambitious for the life we choose. Now 2019 is approaching, we still have a new chance to face our life-keep rich, keep ambitious, and don't give up in front of the cruel life. Make a wish for New Year and strive for it!

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