It is true that an apple watch makes your life more convenient. From fitness to Apple Pay, notifications to home automation. These days, more and more people are used to wear an iWatch rather than a traditional one. Although we all like its plenty function, sometimes it may not show our personality due to its same design process. It means that we are all wearing the same iWatch, so how to be different from others? For that reason, we push out 7 awesome looks for your Apple watch, which makes it unusual. Besides its unique appearance, we also do a lot of work on the cover's quality. We know that this kind of high-technology is usually delicate and fragile. Sometimes, we may find small scratches or dents on your watch because of your carelessness. In order to avoid that, a watch cover is needed.

Since we know that it is necessary to have a cover of your iWatch, how to choose a really stunning apple watch cover?

Basically, these reasons below are supposed to be considered :

  1. All-around protection

Just think about an occasion, you spend about $400 to buy a new apple watch 4 but put an only $10 watch cover on it. The next day, you find that the watch was broken because of this cheap cover... :( Don't want to drop in that trap? A fine workmanship is always important. KRKC&CO's iWatch cover is strictly manufactured according to physical objects, which matches perfectly and protect your Apple watch from kinds of scratches, dust, and shock.

  1. Shiny & Luxury

We have noticed that the appearance of iWatch is almost similar - a simple silver Case with a sports band. It's too boring! Let's make something different! Add a cover? Yes! But which one is suitable for my iWatch? It's time to introduce you the Luxury 14K Gold iWatch Cover. It's fit in iWatch 3/2/1/Sport/Edition and there is accurate access to the screen, power button, the Digital Crown and the speaker. Moreover, the case is fully iced out with big CZ diamonds, which makes your iWatch shine at night. Compared with others' brands, we only use AAA CZ stones(the highest level) on each cover, which are more shinier and suitable for more occasions.

  1. Multiple choices

In order to satisfy the different taste of each customer, we offer 7 types of iWatch cover, which can match your various watchband. 18K Gold, rose gold, black gold, white gold, sexy red are all at your choice! Meanwhile, Christmas Day is less than one month away, it's time to prepare your Christmas gift. If you still don't know what to buy for your best friend, an iWatch cover must be in on your gift list. Want to add to your cart right now? Click on this button(found at the end of the article) and get your iced out Luxury iWatch cover now!

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