You may be dazzled when you stand at the front of the window display, and don’t know which jewelry suits you best. Want to be unique and special? Why not try the KRKC&CO custom product and just be who you really are!


If you are still in hesitation, you need to make a decision right now! Since we launched the custom service, there have already been thousands of orders --including some customers who come from Europe, the U.S., Japan who made more than 2000 orders of custom-made jewelry in 2017 and this number keeps growing and exceeds our expectation. In this year, until now, we have received over 3000 custom orders, with an increase of more than 60 percent. The type of the custom product includes the numbers, letters, animals, movie characters, carton figures and the emblems of some baseball and football teams. In order to fulfill the order in time and ensure our high-quality standard, we have recruited more 5 fresh blood into our design team this year.   

Why chose us?


1. Offering custom-products according to your request

customer service from KRKC&CO

The strong design team assures that all your needs to be met. Whether you give us a photo or just a simple sketch, we are able to change it to a well-designed 3D rendered image in a quick and efficient way.

Do you want to know the reason?

In KRKC&CO, our designers are well trained and experienced, and they are a group of creators, who are capable of changing your idea into reality.


2. Strict quality control requirements make exquisite crafts

We use real 14K or 18K gold plated (5 times plated) and real AAA Cubic Zircon to create jewelry, which makes it shine like real gold and diamond. Based on the real gold mosaic crafts, our product keeps a high-standard quality in the global jewelry industry.  

Tennis chain from KRKC&CO

As we all know, different from the traditional female jewelry, hip-hop jewelry requires a more exquisite craft such as the most appropriate arrangement of diamonds, the refined selection of quality gemstones, which assures that our product approximates reality. At the same time, strict quality control also guarantees its shiny glossiness and makes it more durable.


3. Shorter delivery time

Fast delivery from KRKC&CO

In KRKC&CO, you can get your jewelry in the shortest time. Our outstanding design team assure that your unique idea is accurately transformed into real jewelry. We treasure every idea of our valued customers and will try our best to make it come true. In KRKC&CO, the whole procedure of the fulfillment of each order is supposed to be completed in less than one month.


4. The most competitive price, only in KRKC&CO

In the hip hop jewelry industry, KRKC&CO are famous for our credibility, good service, cost-effective, the number of models, and the new update fast enough supply. Comparing with other male hip-hop jewelry brands, in KRKC&CO, all the products have no minimum price and always keep a high-quality standard. Only 1/4 of the market price, you can get your special urban jewelry. Sincerely hope we can work with you to provide you with the best cost-effective hip hop jewelry and quality service. Come to KRKC&CO, we can offer you more you can imagine!

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At least 30% off the market price


5. Group price for your team, design your own logo!

A custom-designed piece of jewelry sets you apart from the crowd. It’s the one that only belongs to you. In KRKC&CO, we provide with you the customer service for our group customers, no consultation fee required. Just tell us your idea, we’ll make it true. When you rock a KRKC-designed piece in the club or just kickin' back with your crew you'll feel confident in your look that comes across to everyone. Customize one for you and your bros or your band, get a BIG discount! 30% off for 2 persons, 40% off for 3 persons, 50% off for 4 persons, 60% off for 5 persons! If you come with 10 guys, oh bro, it’s almost for free! 80% off! Go and find your bro, make one only belong to you guys!

The standard procedure of KRKC&CO custom-service 



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Customize and personalize your own hip hop jewelry to make a cool statement! In KRKC&CO, we will offer you the most valuable customer service, just order your own design right now!

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