Jewelry is a necessary adornment. While Jewelry Customization is a way to show your personality to the world and is in growing popularity nowadays. As the Custom Jewelry you design added special meaning, it has sentimental value to you.

Whatever and whenever you saw an image you loved, or just got an idea in your mind, or you want to memorize a person/relationship, describe them to KRKC&CO Jewelry Custom team, we can make your inspirations into reality.

Now let’s see what kind of jewelry do people customize usually?

1. Custom name pendants

Engravings the name of the one you miss on the pendant is a special way to add meaning to a piece of custom jewelry. Or you can add a memorable date, such as an anniversary date or birthday to a custom engraved necklace pendants, is also a particular fashion to add meaning your jewelry.

2. Custom bubble letter pendant

If you believe in lucky numbers or letters, you can customize lucky constellation numbers and letters. And you can also customize your friends' lucky numbers and letters in the hopes of their good luck in their lives.

3. Custom diamond photo pendant

Choose a photo of the two of you or your loved girl to customize a diamond photo pendant as a sweet memory.

Select a picture a person you miss dearly or your loved pet to customize a photo pendant as a keepsake.

4. Custom Logo pendant

If you are a baseball game fan,  maybe you like the Baltimore Ravens, and you can customize the team badge pendant to support the team.


If you are a football fan, and maybe you like the Florida Gators football team, and you can customize the team logo pendant.


If you believe in astrology, you can also customize your unique constellation pendant with your name and birth date.

5. Custom cartoon pendants

If you like a role in an anime, you can make customize cartoon pendants. Anyone you love in the anime can be customized, only if you can provide us with a picture.

 If you are an emoji fan, and like all the emoji expressions, you can customize an emoji pendant which will surely be very cute.

6. Custom other jewelry

If you have any other inspirations, they can also be customized.

Do you have a precious memory that you don’t want to forget? Do you have faith in lucky numbers/letters? Do you have a special love of a ball team or an anime role, and want to make it to reality? Do you have an annoyance that you can’t find exactly what you want?

Don’t hesitate to show your sketch to KRKC&CO jeweler, we will create a piece of completely unique and meaningful jewelry for you. Click to contact us to show your ideas.


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