What is the bubble necklace? Why is it so popular? Some customers may feel curious when they see its name. “A bubble? What is that?” Actually, the bubble pendant necklace is a special type of urban jewelry. It's designed by different bubble letters, which are in a bubble o balloon shape. Wearing this kind of necklace is now becoming a fashion, more and more people buy it for its good looking and special meaning behind the letters.

However, in the urban jewelry market, there are so many brands of bubble pendant necklace, Amazon, eBay, and group-buying sites ... Then, how to choose a really good one? Today, we will tell you some awesome tips for choosing a really high-quality bubble pendant necklace. Only 4 steps, make you become a bubble pendant expert!   

  1. Bigger is better?

We are always told that the bigger diamonds are better, at least they are more expensive. However, the answer seems to be different when it comes to a bubble pendant necklace. In fact, sometimes, small diamonds are more suitable when they are inlaid on a delicate jewelry. We use shiny Cubic Zirconia, which assures it shines like real diamonds. Compared to the big one, the small diamonds are arranged more densely, which highlights the delicacy and perfection of the jewelry.  

  1. Pay attention to the details

Never ignore the details. Some buyers may only pay attention to the front side and always forget the reverse side. KRKC&CO, as a professional urban jewelry making company, we suggest that when you buy a diamond pendant o a similar jewelry, please check out reverse side, because the back of a jewelry is very important, which show its value the details.


  1. The material is the basis

For jewelry, the material is one of the most important factors that decide the jewelry's quality. We use Cubic Zirconia stones, which are kind of artificially created gem. What’s more, they are produced with a high-standard process - the 5 times plating assures that they are not easy to fade.

       4. Customize your own bubble pendant

In KRKC&CO, we have various types and different options that meet your needs. Letters, numbers...Or you want to be more special and unique, you can also choose our customer service. Franco chain, rope chain and tennis iced out chain, we provide with you different types of delicate chains with two kinds of material-the white gold and 14k gold for your various dressing style.

Here are our custom bubble pendants.

After reading our tips, we believe that you have already know how to choose a bubble pendant necklace in a wise way. If you want to know more patterns, you can click the following web:


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