When we were kids, we were all longing for Santa Claus, especially at Christmas Day. We might have the experience of writing a letter to Father Christmas, asking for the best Xmas gift. Actually, every person when they were young, ever wondered how Santa Claus can travel around the world in just one night on his reindeer-pulled sleigh and deliver toys to all the children. Now, it's time for us to be Santa Claus for our kids. However, one of the toughest things as a parent at Christmas Day is to give children a joy-filled Christmas gift. Finding the ideal Christmas gift is definitely not easy for us, especial for someone who we hold so close to your heart, like our kids.

However, the festive season is fast approaching, and you're pressed for time. Thus, how to choose a perfect gift in time that will bring a smile to their faces on Christmas morning? Before I recommend something, I would like to share one principle with you guys, a principle that you are supposed to stick to it - the purpose of sending a gift. It's important to let kids know that the meaning behind the gift is more valuable than the money you paid for that. I mean, showing the love from the gift is the real purpose of sending Christmas gift. Thus, don't forget to say your love on Christmas morning and sharing the joy with your kids!

We have selected 5 meaningful Xmas gifts that are creative and within your budget. Check the sheet list below, be Santa Claus for your kids!
Designed by Murakami Takashi, this flower image has been quite popular around the world. KRKC&CO has launched this flower gold hip hop pendant to satisfied every customer's need. Inlaid with different colors of CZ stones, this pendant is a great combination of a vivid imagination and bright colors, representing hope, energy, and sunlight. The flower spinner make your little angel happy every day!
1.pedant and iced out cuban link chain set
2.Iced Out Mens Cross Pendant Necklace in White Gold KRKC
If your kids are fans of comics, this piece of iced out hip hop pendant may be your best choice! Naruto, a man with firm belief who always believe that this is a world of light and justice. He is not only a character but a symbol of hope and power. KRKC&CO's naruto hip hop diamond pendant, fully iced out with CZ stones on his head, is handcrafted in a vivid image! Hope his penetrating eyes can bring your kids power!
3. Iced Out Baguette Cut CZ Custom Round Picture Necklace Photo Pendant in White Gold/14K Gold
A superhero from American! Rocket Raccoon is a superhero of the American Marvel Comic, the Guardians of the Galaxy. It has all kinds of superpowers over to those raccoons on earth. If your kids like rockets a Marvel movies, just take it home! 
Now, we are talking about the dreams. I want to be an astronaut, and you? Flying to the universe and walking in the space that ordinary people could never do. Astronauts are a symbol of bravery, mystery, nobleness, and perseverance. Maybe it's time to set up a goal and encourage them to develop their dreams.
Peace&love is the meaning of an angel, at the same time, it may be the best wish of each parent. Keep peace&love in mind and never lose your true heart. At the end of 2018, make a wish for next year. Hope that every lovely angel has a carefree childhood. 
After reading this blog, I believed that you have already known how to send Xmas gift for your kids. After all, the most important is not a gift, but love.
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