You may always have such questions in your mind after ordering from a website: will they really ship out my items? When? Where is it right now? When will I get it? If the parcel is lost on its way, whom should I turn to? Will the seller tells me that it is my bad luck and it’s not their fault, I have to talk to the logistics? Oh my god, so many worries until the goods finally delivered to you. It seems online shopping is such a risky thing to do.

KRKC&CO says, “ Don’t worry, bro, we have everything set. Just check out the below information. Online shopping should be easy and happy. There is never “bad luck” to our customer because you really meant to us.”

1. Have your shipping information on hand

When you place an order online, you may have some doubts about the way to track the express number. In order to solve this problem and make sure our customers can get goods safely and quickly, after a long period of analyzing and comparing, KRKC&CO finally has filtered out two professional international express companies, DHL and American special line. Once you make an order, without calling the customer service center, you are able to grasp the status of your parcel in real-time through the reliable network tracking system, which helps you to follow each move of the goods clearly and timely.


2. Enjoy the express service: < 2% package loss rate

For the purpose of assuring the safety and the efficiency of each delivery, KRKC&CO cooperating with two professional international express companies, DHL and American special line, provides a door-to-door delivery service for every customer. With the help of the big-brand express company, in recent years, the package loss rate of our company has always been maintained at less than 2.0 percent, which gives us the confidence to continue to offer the best service in the future.

3. Save your time in a reliable and smooth way

It is one of our company's goals to let you get your favorite products as soon as possible. Therefore, to achieve this goal, we chose the two express companies DHL and American Special Line instead of the low-cost EMS to ensure the smooth and reliable transit of your cargo. Our flexible express mode provides different choices of delivery speeds to suit your unique requirements.  

Our express mode

4. Your shipment, our commitment

For the sake of protecting the interest of our customers who may bear the loss due to the delivery problems, we make a promise to all of our clients :

If the order is lost in the logistics processor is significantly delayed, it will be re-delivered through DHL once again.

In KRKC&CO, our customers are always the first, and ensuring each order is delivered in an accurate, safe, and efficient way is our commitment to every client.

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