Fashion is one of the trending elements in our lives today; it changes every day. Some fashionable things today might be outdated in a few months. Men earring has moved along with fashion trends over the years, and they are still regarded as stylish even in 2021. Many men who never considered wearing an earring before have joined this moving train with full force. With so many male celebrities like stepping out with their earrings. It shows that men's earrings are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Some Popular Men's Earrings.

1.Hoop Earrings

Hoops are pretty stylish and versatile; they are often considered for their comfortability. It has gradually become one of the mainstream earrings’ options for men. You can wear hoops comfortably even while asleep. Some men do not even take it out at all due to its comfortability.

2.Stud Men's Earrings

If you are getting your ear pierced for the first time, the stud is the first earring you will wear. After piercing your ear, the stud stays on your earlobe for at least eight weeks, as healing takes place. Your pierced ear will be at the risk of closure if you remove your stud sooner. Besides its function during ear piercing, Stud earring is ideal for anyone that wants to look elegant, simple, and straightforward. They often come in various colors, sizes, and shapes.

3.Clip-On Earrings

Clip-on is a perfect alternative if you wish to wear earrings without going through the ear-piercing process and the pain associated with it.

These earrings are clipped easily to your earlobe to give you an instant earring without piercing.

4.Cross Men's Earrings

This stylish earring is the most popular for men today. It has a dangling cross under the earlobe, which makes it classy. Whether you decide to wear a single earring or two earrings, this earring's dangling cross-feature always stands out.

5.Novelty Men's Earrings

This uniquely styled earring comes in different designs like cartoon characters, skulls, or guns. It can also come with edge patterns, animal designs, handcuff designs, among others.

6.Plug Men's Earrings

The plug men’s earring is a very stylish earring with a very bold design; they are also referred to as spacers. Most piercing enthusiasts consider them fashionable. As you keep wearing them, the plug stretches the pierced hole more. That's why they are called spacers.

7.Magnetic Men's Earrings

Magnetic earrings are perfect non-piercing earrings. They can be mistaken for stud but can be won without piercing your ear. It has a magnetic metal behind the ear lobe that helps it stay in place without falling off.

Why Men Earring Has Become Popular in 2021

Years back, men's earrings were not common at all compared to what we have today. People considered men who wear earrings as weird and rebels in time past, but the story is different today as these earrings has gained wide acceptability in our society today. With many male celebrities wearing earrings their male fans have decided to follow suit. Here are some reasons why men still wear earrings even in 2021

  1. Men's earrings are trendy:Many earrings' styles and designs keep popping out every day; most men wear these earrings to keep up with the fashion trend. Many young men wear studs or hoops because they find them attractive or to enhance their looks.
  2. It serves as custom or tradition: Some men also wear earrings as a way of practicing their religion. The Hindu religion is well known for its ear piercing and earrings custom.
  3. As a display of wealth: Qualitymen's earrings are costly; most celebrities wear golden or diamond studs to display their wealth. It can serve as an investment that can be sold during hard times.
  4. For Acting: Some male actors wear earrings so they can fit into their acting roles.
  5. To attract women.Some ladies an exceptionally attracted to men who wear earrings. Men, on the other hand, wear earrings to entice these ladies.
  6. Gift from ladies. Most ladies who appreciate men who wear earrings gift their boyfriends, friends, or husbands with studs or hoopsduring birthdays, valentine or 
  7. As a way of marking their sexuality: Menwho wear earrings in one ear (on the right lobe) are often considered homosexual. But this could be a misconception as some men might wear earring on either of the earlobes without noting this.

Best Materials for Men Earrings

The materials often used for men's earrings are gold, silver, and diamonds. Your skin tone will impact your choice of earring material. Warm skin tone always goes with gold earrings while silver earring fits a calm skin tone.

  •    Gold Earrings– These earrings are pretty regal, and they give off a vintage look.
  •    Silver Earrings– Silver earrings always give off a unique look. This material works perfectly on all types of earrings listed above.
  •    Diamond Earrings– Diamond earrings fit very well when you are wearing a suit.

Things Men Consider While Choosing Earrings.


The piercing you have will determine the earring you will choose. The earring worn on cartilage piercing is different from that of earlobe piercing. It's essential you visit a reputable store for the correct type of earring for your piercing.


Most time, age comes into consideration when choosing your piercing or earrings. Men in their late forties might prefer the simple earrings like stud, while the younger men might go for something louder.

Personal style

Your style plays a vital role while choosing your earring. For example, most musicians and their celebrities prefer heavy and expensive metal as their earrings. They do this as a way of describing their personality.


Men's earrings are gaining more popularity even in 2021. More men are getting their ears pierced and joining this trending fashion. Since many styles and types of earrings are popping out every day, it means there are enough earrings for all men who wear earrings. To ensure your fashion meets with quality, visit krkcom store for your men’s earrings.