If you plan to refresh your look or add more drips in your collection, you gotta have a look on KRKC’s Miami Cuban Selection! Go and check the five reasons why below:

1.Varied Clasps and Classic Miami Design

There are 3 types of clasps used in our Cuban links. Custom lock box clasp is a classic and most common one, often coming with Cuban from 8mm to 12mm. When we turn into a thinker chain, like 12mm or 18mm, the most popular one will the iced spring clasp. If you want to look dope but not too over, just cop it!

Want something decent? Well, then you can’t miss our new arrival series of hook buckle clasp chain. It’s simple, fashion, and can fit into any of your outfit! Look at this curb surface the tight Miami chain, it tells a story itself!

2.Stainless Steel Material


We have now turned our attention to designing primarily with stainless steel.
The reasons for using this metal are countless. It does not rust, tarnish or turn your skin green. But more importantly, steel is the most recycled material on the planet. With a lifespan of up to three decades, 86% of steel will be reused.


Compared to other common materials, stainless steel own specific strength, through the salt spraying test,we can call it “Never fading. Nickel-free, Durable and anti-tarnish, Excellent touch feeling, No allergies, No deformation, Everlasting Shine”

3.KRKC’s BOGO deal

If you’re not sure what style fits you the best, why not try BOGO? Choose any two pieces in the BOGO page, then find only one need to pay one chain at shopping cart! You won’t worry about what color or what clasp to get.

And it’s also a good deal to get you and your beloved family, friends or lovers’ gift! As KRKC’s aiming to, be the most affordable high-quality Hip-hop jewelry brand, don’t miss this value chance!

4.Happy Customer Approved Dope

There’s nothing more powerful than the word of mouth. From the krkcom.com’s happy customer page to #KKRCFamily posts on Instagram and facebook, you can find what krkc lovers say, their real people’s opinions will tell you what this brand and the product really are.

- Happy Customers’ Reviews

- KRKC Family Sharing their moments on Instagram

5.Influencers’ Choice

One of our influencers, @Drhobs always wears his white gold Miami chain at his instagram for almost any occasions. You can see he using this one simple chain at beer party, in front the chrismas tree or just for daily life.

There’re also quite many Influencers choose our Miami Cuban as one of their most-used accessory. White gold link is a perfect fit for a all-black look & skin-exposed vibe, rather the rainbow one does well with a lighter look. All in all, either rainbow color chain or white gold chain, it definitely can level the whole outfit up.

In the end
Now, any piece of Cuban in your mind? Which clasp and what color do you prefer? Make up you mind, comment below then grab one or hit the BOGO deal!