A single row tennis chain features classic and timeless brilliance. It's a piece of ideal starter jewelry. This simple but glowing necklace is also perfect to style with a pendant and layer a stunning look. It's a must-have for casual style. Our KRKC&CO tennis chains are perfect for hip hop, rappers, party, band, photo, and video shoots, keep you stand out from the crowd.

How many types of tennis chain can I choose?

1. Round Cut Tennis Chain

Tennis chain from KRKC&CO

This impeccable tennis chain with round stones details with skilled craftsmanship and nice color, presenting you with the feeling of elegance and delicacy. It’s a piece of ideal starter jewelry for your choice.

2. Baguette-Cut Tennis Chain

baguette-cut tennis chain from KRKC&CO

Baguette-cut diamonds are known as step cut diamonds. This type of chain is KRKC&CO's unique style. This cut offers a different type of beauty from a classic round cut diamond, offering exceptional clarity and a distinctive look when set in fine jewelry.

3. Rainbow Tennis Chain

rainbow tennis chain

This colorful chain is KRKC&CO'S new design, add some colors to your life. Meet all your needs.


How to choose a high-quality tennis chain?

1. CZ stones

KRKC&CO uses 5A CZ stones. Uncoated for CZ stones allows the maximum amount of light to both enter and leaves the stone, making it more bling shine. While others use rhinestone, coated at the bottom to reflect the light. Light can only enter from the top, so less sparkling as CZ stone.


2. Stone Setting

KRKC&CO’s jewelry, every cz stone was prong setting with exquisite craftsmanship to avoid the stone falling situation. At the same time, make sure every cz stone glitters like real diamond. While others, stick the stones with glue, off which the stones are easy to fall and make the ring look cheap.


3. Gold Plating

KRKC&CO's gold plating is as high as 3/1000(0.3u), higher than 80% gold plated jewelry in the game, so it won’t turn your skin green and assures no color fading for at least 1 year. Many competitors use 0.1u-0.2u gold plating, while they may possess the same luster and gold appearance at first, but this thin layer is quick to fade within 2-3 months, leaving behind discolored skin and dirty looking jewelry.


4. Workmanship

Every KRKC&CO bracelet has to go through the polishing procedure to ensure a shiny surface, most importantly, a smooth edge to prevent rubbing your wrist. While others low skilled craftsmanship results in rough edges that easily scratch your nearby fingers and is very uncomfortable to wear.



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