- Do you know what Los Angeles looks like at 4 o'clock in the morning?

- It is still in the dark at 4 o'clock, but I had already gotten up by then and was walking in the dark streets.

- The days passed and the darkness did not disappear


When being interviewed, Kobe said, “when Los Angeles was still in the dark at 4:00AM, I got up and walked on the dark street. One day passed, the darkness of Los Angeles has not changed at all; two days passed, the darkness remains all the same. More than 10 years passed and the darkness in the streets of Los Angeles was still there at 4:00AM, but I had become a basketball player with strong muscles, excellent physical fitness, strength, and a high field goal percentage.”


Kobe persisted in this way day after day. The darkness at 4:00AM in Los Angeles never changes, but he has been gradually growing up, as if the light came to his life little by little, turning him from an unknown person into A star that has attracted the whole world's attention.

Maybe this is Kobe, the calm killer on the court, the Black Mamba who has a big heart and can hit key goals. This is Kobe, with the spirit of never admitting defeat. This is the man, who has been training hard every day for more than ten years.

And that’s exactly what KRKC Keep real keep champion stands for - we hustle, we fight and struggle, never give up on our dreams.  In order to commemorate the spirit, KRKC makes an exclusive 4:00 AM pendant.


The overall shape of the pendant is a simple micro paved icedout 4:00AM font, with enamel red shades, creating an upward and hard-working vibe.

4:00AM, is Kobe's desire for victory and pursuit of the championship. It is this kind of persistence that made Kobe the belief of many fans.

Why not get a 4 AM pendant to come along with Black Mamba’s spirit and look for a better verison of yourself?