Ehhh, a fresh new year is coming. As usual, the wishlist is part of our New Year plan. Flying solo to some heavenly island? Taking an adventure in a foreign bar with strangers? Making some efforts to meet your emotional needs? Or just stay at home with your family, enjoy leisure time together? Who knows, we are all different, right?

Hey, at the end of 2018, we make 5 wishes for the next year, not only as the company KRKC&CO but the whole members, our colleagues, have made a big wish for the coming year. We hope that everyone we love and you, who are reading this paper now, will have a wonderful time in 2019!

2019 New Year Wishlist

1. Keep Real

Keep real, just be yourself.  Not pretend to be something you are not. The spirit of keeping real is calling for everyone being who you really are. From today, decide to be YOU. Make 'YOU' real. Thus, if you are a unique person with a strong interest in rapper culture. These "tennis collection" and our iced out grillz maybe suit for you.  


2. Keep Rich

What else could be better than a gold Cuban chain for showing that you are a rich person? During the Christmas Holiday, we have a special offer for the Cuban series. Buy one Gold CZ Iced Out Cuban Chain, you will get one free tennis chain. Don't hesitate, cop it now!

3. Keep Champion

 Who doesn't want to be a champion? Enjoy the applause and praise from the audience? Only the result matters? No! We want to be the champion! At the end of 2018, all the colleges of KRKC&CO hope that everyone will keep the spirit and continue to pursue what your passions. 


4. Keep Faithful

In the new year, are you willing to say love to your family members, friends or even a stranger? Be kind to those who have helped you, be generous to those who may ever hurt you. Be a positive person in the new year, we will make effort together!

5. Keep Fun 

Sometimes our day to day routine can make us forget the meaning of living. The constantly ringing phone, boring social engagement and the terrible traffic condition on Monday morning... Those compromises make us lose the enthusiasm towards life. Hey, guys, it's time to cheer up and change your lifestyle. New Year, New Look!

Keep Real, Keep Rich, Keep Champion, Keep Faithful, Keep Fun... I can continue to say if you let me. However, the most important for New Year is What? 

Be yourself! We are used to disguising our real feelings in front of people. Just one day, try to be yourself and show your real personality, maybe you will find a big change in your life!