If you have a couple or two on your holiday shopping list, you may feel worried about how to find a gift that both people will love. Today, we have listed some unique gifts that are perfect for couples, which gives you a warmful Christmas memory!

1. "My heart will go on"

The first collection is the white Gold Single Broken Heart Pendant Necklace and a 925 Sterling Silver Dancing Stone Heart Pendant Necklace. "My heart was broken because you got my heart", sharing and telling her your feeling by sending her a simple but elegant silver heart pendant, what could be better?

2. "Pure love&pure faith"

Our designer said: "Fashion originates from classics. It breaks through the traditional outline of a loving heart to set off your elegance." This sterling silver cross is an indication of commitment to the Christmas faith. My love is just like the faith to Jesus, it represents a sense of forever commitment. If you have a 14K Gold Iced Out Swing Cross Pendant Necklace, this silvering dancing stone cross piece is a perfect gift for your one.

3. "Love is your whisper"

We feel love and intimacy when your lover whispered in the ear, expressing endless affection. At the moment when the package is open, the love story of Prince and Cinderella begins. 18K Gold TItanium Steel Female Blossom Earrings is a perfect gift for memorizing the love between two of you.  And the 14K Gold Iced Out 925 Sterling Silver Nail Earrings also gives you a classy and shiny look at Christmas Holiday!

4. "Lock you with a tennis chain"

Cupid has arrested you and lock you with a simple tennis chain. This sounds like a romantic love story, right? We have White Gold Single Row Tennis Chains set and 14K Gold Single Row Tennis Bracelet set, which are perfect couple gifts for this Christmas holiday. Wearing the same piece of jewelry and feeling the love in the same way between the two of you. At this moment, our hearts are united.

5. "I have spent my luck"

"It actually took all my luck to meet you for just a moment in my lifetime." It's so difficult for two strangers meeting together and falling in love. Sometimes, I would like to say that is a miracle. I have spent all my good fortune to meet you, thus, just a little extra luck I need to make the wish come true - that I wanna stay with you forever! White Gold Iced Out Bubble Letters Pendant and White Gold Iced Out Bubble Number Pendant, give you some extra luck at this holiday. 

After reading this article, if you still don't know what to send at Chrismas, I may feel sympathy with your girlfriend, but dude, never give up, check this blog and get more gift ideas!


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