Are you the one that we are looking for?  
Hey, the potential hip-hop star, have lots of brilliant ideas or special talents but no place to show? You come to the right place!
No ideas, no talents? Then you also come to the right place!

Just come and join us, KRKC&CO will take care of the rest. All we need is your passion and creativity. Shoot a video, show your passion, post it on a social network. The selected ones will win E-gift card worth $500.

Sounds great, huh? No, that's not great enough. KRKC&CO will promote the selected videos through ads, to reach millions of people, to show your talent show to the targeted audience. Just waiting to become a real star overnight!

Before you grab your phone and start to shoot, take one minute to read the rules below:

1. How to participate? 


  • This activity will be valid before 2018/12/31 and the result will be published on 2019/1/1. You can check it at KRKC&CO social media channel.
  • Report your video to your Instagram post, Instagram story, Facebook or Youtube and @KRKCandCO.More than 30 “likes” & the most comments are the basic requirements to win the prize.
  • Any style of the video is welcomed but the content should be related to our product. (At least show the KRKC&CO’s logo) If you are willing to show your talent by singing, dancing o playing instrument, you may get a bigger chance to win our special prize!!!  

2. What is the prize?

We will choose 5 lucky dogs and send our special gift cards before Christmas.

$500 E-gift card *1
$300 E-gift card*4
Special gift*

Everyone is welcomed to join in this activity. No matter you are a frequent buyer of our products or you are preparing a gift on this Christmas Holiday, you have a chance to win our Christmas big prize! More important, during the activity, anyone who has reported the video and @KRKC&CO will also get our surprise gift!

Share to get more chance to win!

Search for our Facebook page: @KRKCandCO to know more details! Or you can participate in our "Christmas surprise for your best friend" to win a free gift on this big holiday!

*The e-gift card is available for any product of KRKC&CO jewelry, except the custom series.
The final interpretation of this event belongs to KRKC&CO. If you have any questions about these terms, feel free to contact our customer service.