As one of the most influential music genre in the world, hip-hop music has inspired countless lives worldwide. Started in the Bronx of New York City during the late 1970s, this art has developed into an urban mainstream culture with four main pillars — rapping(also called MC), DJing, graffiti art and b-boying/b-girling/breakdancing along with others, such as beatboxing, a percussive vocal style, street entrepreneurship, hip-hop language, hip-hop fashion and style.

Hip hop fans covering all ages have a deep appreciation of it. Affected by hip hop culture and spirits, they have some special pursuit materially, from sneakerheads to movie buffs to jewelry collections…they are finicky about developing their own ” hip hop style”. Fortunately, hip hop fanatics in your life will likely love these gifts listed below for that purpose.

1. The “Storm Blue” Don C x Jordan Legacy 312
As a fashionwear brand loved by many hip hop/rap enthusiasts, Jordan designed this shoe in collaboration with the streetwear tastemaker, giving its a significant highlight which is the combination of the signature details from three classic sihouettes: the Air Jordan I, Air Jordan III and Nike Air Alpha Force Low, worn briefly by MJ in 1988.

Further meaningfully, in 1985 Michael Jordan took the game wearing the original Air Jordan I, breaking league rules and his opponents’ will, which brought champion glory to North Carolina, also took the mind of fans around the world. More than a fashion brand with excellent design, Jordan is more featured as the spirit of keep champion and breakthrough, which is a like-minded exist that hip hop fans use to express themselves.

2. Marvel: The Hip-Hop Covers
As a collection of hip-hop mashups and comics referencing the iconic album covers with your favorite super heroes, its value and meaning are obvious-to-see. Integrating 70 hip-hop variant comics covers into a single book, each page presents the world-class hip hop album look. Plus the classic characters and poses of the Marvel Universe like Ant-Man, X-Men, Luke Cage and Black Panther, this book is an excellent gift for sure for hip hop fans who have experienced the classic years of comics and Marvel.

Marvel: The Hip-Hop Covers

3. Hip Hop Jewelry
Since Kurtis Blow released the album “Kurtis Blow” with the cover featuring his wearing six gold chains, jewelry has stayed the top topic in hip hop world being something stylish and expressive. Chased by countless rappers and hip hop artists, hip hop jewelry has evolved into a must part of fashion and individuality over the past dozens of years.

From Kanye West to Run-DMC to ASAP Rocky, these rappers, as well as fashion players, unreservedly show their jewelry look in any way as if the bling-blings endow them the natural uniqueness and wealth. For hip hop fans, a gold heavy chain or personalized bling pendant is the best-ever gift undoubtedly.

Hip Hop Jewelry of KRKC&CO

4. TOMMY JEANS Sweatshirt
Upon the Spring 2018 capsule campaign release, it was noticed that Tommy Jeans sweartshirt has switched their original Futura-like font design to the handwritten one, plus its featured vibrant retro colors ” orange peel’, ” Enamel Blue’ and ” dark purple”, this switch empowers the brand a fresh taste giving men a brilliant charm during sporting at summer nights.



From fashion to habits, hip hop embraces diverse elements materially and mentally. From the past to the present, only the brands and pieces keeping forward to the best can really help hip hop fans stand out and express themselves, that’s what KRKC&CO brand is for.