2020 it a tough year for everyone but we still got a lot of love from KRKC Family. This year, let’s start brand-new journey together!

Memories of the year 2020

Campaigns like “Cuban Campaign” for links and masks,  “60k followers” for Bruce Pendant, “Champion Caption” for $200 coupon gained a great success and attract attentions from not matter the old or new family member of KRKC.

Happy New Year to KRKC Family


- SNS Campaigns in 2020

KRKC believes that “create and keep ” is the spirit of a brand. In 2020, new KRKR drips never stop ruling and being lit. No matter the earrings, photo chain or KRKC design series, we always want to tell the audience what the “Keep real keep champion” stands for.

Happy New Year to KRKC Family

- 4:AM inspired by Kobes famous quote: Do you know what Los Angeles looks like at 4 o'clock in the morning?

And did you notice? Our homepage has been through continuous upgrading, with more spaces for interaction, and refreshed vision design.

What‘s New in 2021?


This January, invite you friends to shop at KRKC, all of you can get a 30% off code! Click here to get your exclusive referral link. Besides the code, there are more things to discover! Following the 2021’s trending, we offer different graffiti jewelry boxes and mix and match pearl cross Cuban for your choices. Why not come and grab them?

Happy New Year to KRKC Family

What’s more, this is our last spoiler alert: KRKC will get into more fields, bringing street style appeal to you, shop the whole outfit at one time!

2020 has passed away, tomorrow is another day, 2021 will also be a start of something new. We are here to be with you guys! Happy new year and wish you all the best!