Tired of of ‘10s money, bi*ch and believe that hiphop is always “Keep it real”? Now we come with our KRKC, KEEP REAL KEEP CHAMPION Design Series pendant that let them know your attitude, let’s get it!

4:00 AM

5 DOPE Pendants that you can FLEX around-1

Inspired by Kobe's famous quote about 4AM
- Do you know what Los Angeles looks like at 4 o'clock in the morning?
- It is still in the dark at 4 o'clock, but I had already gotten up by then and was walking in the dark streets.
- The days passed and the darkness did not disappear

4:00AM, is Kobe's desire for victory and pursuit of the championship. It is this kind of persistence that made Kobe the belief of many fans.

Red enamel shade like kobe’s figure cast by basketball grounds morning light, bling micro paved stones like sweat glitter after countless shot practice. Why not get a 4 AM pendant to come along with Black Mamba’s spirit and look for a better verison of yourself?



5 DOPE Pendants that you can FLEX around-2

- Inspired by “Hustle” and lighting

I’m telling you that kind of hustler you think, but in another way , speaking everyone is hustling to road that leads to champ, chasing things we want, that is what KRKC believes “Keep real keep champ”.
Hustle beats talent with 100 growing from the very beginning 1.
When Talents started the game with 10 and ended up 10.
What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle and giving 110% all the time.
So we make this “hustle” happen: a flash of lightning takes place of “S” and letters are design to be sharp and short, representing that success often comes in a sudden, as fast as the lighting hits the tree.



5 DOPE Pendants that you can FLEX around-5
- Inspired by “United” & KRKC Family

- One stone glitters, united ones shine. The champion create the COMMUNITY that unites people, and believes that they have that power too.

United means when a warrior or someone power or popular does something it unites people together like Kobe or Chadwick.



5 DOPE Pendants that you can FLEX around-2

- Inspired by “Crown”
- The real me crowns me champion. By using three different colors of stones, KRKC believes that we have all the possibilities from our inner power.
- I’m not mean to be the king or queen sitting on the throne, but here I have the crown in my heart, and I know I am who I choose to be. The real me crowns me champion.



5 DOPE Pendants that you can FLEX around-4

- Inspired by “NEVERFOLD” & KRKC Family
- As solid as the gold, champ never folds on what obstacles come.
- Gold lights up the way to champ, stones brim it
- Each stone represents every trouble you overcame, the stones are what make your NVRFLD way shine golden light.

The struggle coming up from nothing, living the dream,being resilient, having grit, never folding no matter what obstacles my come your way, and always taking the chance and betting on yourself (NVRFLD)
Let KRKC be your attitude and wear it to flex around bro!

If you like our concept, hit us and tell us how would you caption the KRKC Design pendants! @krkc_official