Since October 2018, KRKC&CO started to use a kind of “magic” environmental-friendly packaging box for each order! With more investment on the package, what is KRKC&CO offering to customers?

A Spirit to be Considerate in Every Trivial Thing

In a world with overwhelming information and overuse of social network, many sellers only focus on how to make fast money with Facebook ads or google ads. Audience are tired of receiving ads they aren’t interested in or bumped into an ad and bought something from a website but it turned out to be a totally unhappy shopping experience. Actually, many ads shopping will end up like this, because fast money is the focus of sellers, not customers' shopping experience.  

However, there is always someone who wants to make a difference, who wants to swim against the current business mode, who believes in investing in improving shopping experience should be the first thing to do. KRKC&CO is such a brand. Despite its effort in quality control, payment safety guards, customer returns and exchange, it even takes effort in improving its packaging box!  

A trivial thing? No! There’s no word as “ trivial” in KRKC&CO’s dictionary as long as it relates to the customer. Having some attempts and improvements in packing, this time, we really believe this “zipper” box finally reached our expectation.

  1. Designed to be environmental-friendly.

This is exactly what it’s like when delivery. As a winner of “Excellent Award in Logistics Packaging Industry” in Hong Kong, it first attracts us by its look. No tapes, no excessive plastic stuff, super friendly to environment and users.

 KRKC&CO environmental-friendly packaging

During the “International Logistics and Packaging Conference” held this October,  Koshino,Shigeo, director of Packaging Technology Committee of Japan commented, “This is really a renovation. We should never stop to develop environmental-friendly new materials, new technologies.” Hirai,Junichi, chairman of the meeting, said, “Paper packaging takes up to 43% in packaging in Japan. Environment is one factor we consider about, and another factor is that we always put people first. By adopting this design, we make an effort to deduce our warehouse workers’ working load and protect their hands from getting injured.

  1. Great convenience to unbox for customers.

No need of any tool, all you need to do for unboxing is a slight tear of the zipper strip which is as simple as opening the zipper of your coat, and without any plastic waste.

 Safety Jewelry Package of KRKC&CO

“The greatest thrilling moment for shopping online is when I could open the parcel, but it always comes with a mess of tapes which makes me somewhat annoyed. This compact and friendly box is gonna make my day.”, one of KRKC&CO customers commented.

  1. Higher-quality to protect the products.

Of course, besides the environmental care and customers’ convenience, quality is also the top consideration for the box. Without those plastic tapes wrapping, how could it be firm and secure to the products inside? There are two highlighted improvements to get quality and secure under no risk.

First, instead of the excessive plastic tapes, the high viscosity full-temperature double-sided adhesive is used to seal up, it gets through both the harsh laboratory and actual transportation tests ranging from -40 ° C to 80 ° C.

Second, the box is made of Kraft case which is in a higher level of rigidity and Bursting strength.

 KRKC&CO's Logistics Packaging

Moreover, the box is certificated by the ISTA (International Safe Transit Association), this would be the greatest recognition to its quality and secure.

Order now, enjoy this easy unboxing feeling and say hi to environmental protection.