Is anklet popular in 2021?

When you think of the anklet, the first memory that comes into your mind must be one of the ’90s, which is still a hit at that time. In the past few years, everyone thinks the anklet trend, or we call it ankle chains, while others prefer ankle bracelets, is back. No matter the oversized shell anklet or the metal ankle chain. You can’t deny that with various styles and well-designed elements, even an anklet might not be called a trend, you can never make any huge mistakes by wearing it.

When should we wear anklets?

On different occasions, we need different outfits to create a vibe, dress a style, so do anklets. For instance, if you are going to a wedding, with a dress and high heels, a sparking anklet will be a good choice. While you plan to spend vacations on a beach, with cropped trousers or skirts, you must pick some simple chain anklet or ball anklet to match the outfit.

What are the most popular anklets’ styles?

So, what kinds of anklets are here and what should we learn about them? We select some of anklets as following, take a look and grab some of you favorite accessories!

Butterfly Anklet

Butterfly, as always the trending element in the fashion field, while putting it into the anklet, will be no doubt, the total double-kill in the game! KRKC chooses tennis and franco chain to merge with little butterflies charm. If you have a printed dress and other butterfly element accessories, like a necklace or bracelet, a butterfly anklet will be definitely the best fit for your overall look!

Pearl Anklet

Why not pearls? As pearl keep being the classic and basic element in the jewelry industry, how can the anklet miss? While you enjoy the summertime sunshine, isn’t it a beautiful view that wearing pearl anklet and finding pearls in the shells on the golden beach? Wearing some shell bracelets and necklaces, you are The Little Mermaid with bare feet!

Arrow Anklet

Come on cool girls, you should never miss this piece of anklet! Unlike the regular female jewelry elements, the arrow is more like an uncommon idea for the women's accessories field. For it stands for the brave and resolute, you can select the arrow kind anklet while formal look. While using it on a daily occasion, you are the modern version of Merida with sneakers!

Heart & Star & Ball Anklet

Heart, star, and little ball seem always a trend on Instagram. Many Influencers and Instagram lovers at younger ages keep sharing their ootd with as many sparkling accessories as they can. Every little heart, star ball are the essential parts of the overall look! Although we don’t suggest wear socks while using the anklet, but more and more Influencers will have it when posting their fancy sneakers! Why not give it a try?


The classic rule of fashion is: if this item looks pretty and fits almost all the cloth in your closet, don’t give it a second thought, go ahead! Summer is the best season to show off the ankle, so before the summer of 2021 starts, please don’t hesitate, go and refresh your anklet collection!