Earrings has been the trend of fashion in recent years, even more popular in 2021. Cross dangles, as hottest classic item of men earrings, are always the top 1 pick all of time.


These earrings ― Dwyane Wade, Lil Nas X, Harry Styles, the list goes on — have adopted the delightful trend, just like George Michael before them, wore door knocker of a crucifix on his left ear for his 1987 album.


As Erin Schwartz wrote in GQ recently, dangly earrings are “the roller skates of ear jewelry” and “totally without practical use and extremely fun.” In other words, everyone can join in the fun.


It has also permeated internet culture, with dangly men’s earrings popping up in TikTok videos and various memes. Zach Clayton, a 19-year-old internet celebrity who lives in Los Angeles, recently observed on Twitter: “I just went on TikTok for the first time in so damn long and every dude on there has one dangling earring.”


Why not take a look at what KRKC brings about the earrings?
Diamond Cross Dangles


When and where, who wears with this iced hoops cross dangles will stand out from the crowd, catch attention by shinning stones. Not shining or blinding like an iced out chain that is used to show off, dangles are more likely a choice of a decent style and humblebragging. Gold or white gold, different cross style, try to grab one at this time!


Wait, one more surprise for you! One pair of same cross dangles is cool, but one dangle with one hoop are literally special and lit!


3 Pairs of Earrings for $99

Hoops, studs, dangles, various styles and kinds of earrings that you could find in KRKC, just need $99 to take 3, as at least $59.99 for one! It’s totally a bargain you don’t want to miss out!


One of our most popular earrings - 15mm Diamond Hoops - simple and can easily fit to almost every outfit in your closet - is our top 1 recommendation!


Ready to get a set of earrings? Let’s see how to wear an earring:

- Coordinate it to your outfit theme.

- Match the metal of your earring to other metal accents in your outfit.

- Take your earrings out, or wear small studs when at the gym or playing sports.

- Keep your new piercing clean, and always sterilize your earrings when you change them.


What are you waiting for? Just grab the earrings that you love and add to your KRKC cart!