In today's Hip Hop culture, jewelry is almost everywhere. Rappers like to wear all kinds of big gold chains and other rappers jewelry. Hip hop fans eager for men's urban jewelry or hip hop accessories. Gold hip hop jewelry, diamond hip hop jewelry, and hip hop grillz are all very popular. If you want to know the reason why the hip hop jewelry is so attractive, it needs to trace back to the very beginning.

Jewelry is a symbol of Status from the very beginning. African King Mansa Musa, the richest person in human history who ruled much of West Africa from 1312 to 1337, loved to show off his wealth by wearing jewelry. Later it was popular among hip hop stars and fans.

The 1980s was an important formative period for rapper jewelry, and at that time it was popular with heavy and weighty gold ornaments. Male rappers will choose huge gold chains, typical representatives are Kurtis Blow and Big Daddy Kane.

Kurtis Blow, a black rapper-singer, could be called a pioneer of hip hop music. He is the first one who worn several gold chains shirtless on the cover of his self-titled debut album in the 1970s. This trademark look laid the foundation for hip-hop accessories. 

On the cover of the album "Paid In Full" by Eric B. and Rakim in 1987, the gold ornaments are eye-catching particularly. According to the famous jeweler Ben Baller, each gold chain worn by them is worth at least $100,000. For female rappers, such as Roxanne Shante and Salt-N-Pepa, wearing oversized gold round earrings is a better option.

Since Wu-tang clan's Cappadonna entered ASAP Eva's jewelry shop in 1989, countless celebrities and rappers have become her loyal followers.

It ‘s the old rap group Run-DMC, who made the gold chain a true sign of rappers’ dress up in the late 1980s. From their first album It's Like That in 1983 to the album King of Rock in 1985, they made a sensation in the hip hop world. And their images of wearing gold chains in their albums were popular in the hip hop world.

This group of people set off the first wave of wearing jewelry in the hip hop world, laying the foundation for the original style of hip hop jewelry. Even later, "BlingBling" became a term specifically describing hip hop jewelry, and was officially included in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary.

In the 1990s, platinum began to replace gold as the choice of a new generation of rappers, and diamond-embedded gold ornaments have gradually become a new trend. These diamond-embedded gold ornaments are almost a must-have for Juvenile and The Hot Boys.

At the same time, more and more rappers are starting to make hip hop grillz, either having a pair of permanent platinum teeth like Brian Baby Williams or choosing a jewel-filled, removable Grillz.

At the turn of the new century, luxury brands and jewelry brands began to enter the hip-hop fashion industry. Brands such as Gucci, LV and Diamond City all appeared in hip-hop films. Nowadays, the trend of hip hop jewelry has gradually evolved into a diamond-embedded chain, tag pendants, diamond-embedded earrings, and diamond-encrusted watches. Compared to the thick gold chain of the 80s, the style of hip hop jewelry has become softer, but the combination of diamonds and gold has undoubtedly made the jewelry more dazzling.

So why does jewelry occupy such an important position in the Hip Hop world? On one hand, human’s enthusiasm for gold jewelry has never been reduced; on the other hand, which is more important, it has a deeper social and cultural significance. Discrimination against African Americans has long existed. The wealth of successful rappers is very different from the environment in which they grew up. This leap of social classes is still rare in the African American communities. Wearing such eye-catching jewelry is to announce their achievements and telling the world that "I made it."

However, compared to the kind of big gold chain, it seems that the fine chain is more introverted and better. To be honest, the big gold chain cost too much, at least hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions of dollars. Meanwhile, the fine chain is more fashionable and easier to match. It can be a fashionable accessory for your daily wear. Reserving those big Cuban chains for rappers.

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