Classy, timeless, and elegant: KRKC Jewelry is the ultimate fashion accessory. The dazzling sparkle is guaranteed to turn heads for all the right reasons, upgrading even the most simple of outfits in an instant. Knowing how to clean KRKC Jewelry safely seems a lot harder than it really is. Don’t let your diamond chain or bracelet lose its shine, simply follow our five-step cleaning process to have it looking like new again. 

clean your jewelry

What you’ll need:
● Warm water
● Small shallow bowl 
● Soft new toothbrush or jewelry cleaning brush
● A microfibre cloth
● Toothpaste or fragrance-free shower gel 

How to clean your tennis chain?

Step 1: Fill a bowl with clean warm water and add a drop of fragrance-free shower gel or a little amount of toothpaste, stirring until the mixture creates bubbles. You don’t need a specific amount of water, just enough to cover your chain necklace completely. (About 300ml)

Step 2: Put the chain in the mixture and move it around slightly using your finger. This should help shift some of the tough residues that build up on jewelry through daily wear. 

Step 3: Leave the chain in the mixture to soak for 10 to 15 minutes to loosen up more stubborn stains. 

Step 4: Take your chain out of the mixture, holding it above the bowl before gently wiping the diamonds with the toothbrush. Watch out for any loose diamonds; this process won’t damage your jewelry at all, but it can nudge already loose diamonds out of place. 

Step 5: Once you’re happy with how clean your jewelry is, pat it dry with an unused microfibre cloth. Be very gentle and avoid rubbing the chain as this can cause the cloth to get stuck on its prongs. 

tips for maintaining your jewelry from KRKC&CO

Tips for maintaining your KRKC JEWELRY:

Tip 1: Jewelry should be kept absolutely dry. If you do not constantly wear your tennis, please keep it stored somewhere dry enough. (you can keep it at the gift box we offered)

Tip 2:  Avoid putting perfume, lotion, or anything containing a scent near your tennis chain.  

Tip 3: Take your jewelry off before showering or cleaning your home to keep it cleaner for longer. The chemicals used in cleaning products tarnishes jewelry very quickly and noticeably, so it’s worth putting them in a safe place. 

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