Tennis chains are jewelry made with many small diamonds mounted in tiny metal settings and assembled. Here are some tips on how to evaluate the most important features of a tennis chain when you wanna buy one.

Diamond for tennis chains  

krkc tennis set

Color. Generally, most of the diamonds look white and clear inside chains, and there are no other colors (unless the stones are fancy colored diamonds).

Clarity. As for tennis chains, clarity is not as important as the color for a simple reason: the diamonds in these pieces are too small for most of their defects to be visible to the naked eye unless you look very closely. But you are looking for a tennis chain with white CZ diamonds, check carefully if there are any impurities inside the diamonds.

Uniformity. Whatever the exact color of your diamonds, it is much more important that it be the same for all stones. You do not want a tennis string that looks like a mosaic of randomly selected white and yellowish diamonds.

krkc&co tennis chain

In the photo above, we can see that CZ diamonds at KRKC are much better than the first two. One is not intact and the other is not as white as ours at KRKC. On the contrary, the tennis diamonds on our site are round and shiny.

Diamond Settings: Check how individual diamond is mounted in the chain. Their adjustments must ensure that the stones will not fall easily and should offer some protection against blows. The settings in which each stone is held by four teeth are also a good choice. The diamonds at KRKC are mounted deep in the chain to prevent the fall while the other two sold to the market at a pace as good as it.

The structure of the tennis chains

Links: Look at the links in the tennis chain – they must be sturdy and not easy to break if the chain is pulled too hard. The tennis chains on the market are curved like a snake while the KRKC chains are tailored to your neck.

Clasp: Test the clasp to make sure it closes securely and does not open easily. It should be strong and not easy to bend or break.

Flexibility: It’s good that a tennis chain is flexible. At the other site, if the chain is too rigid, it can break easily every time you twist it (which is often the case when you wear such parts).

Choose the metal for the chains

krkc rope chain

When choosing a metal for your tennis chain, you must keep in mind that there is a trade-off between durability and price.

For example, gold and silver are softer and can be worn out faster. However, they are an affordable choice if you do not wear the chain every day.

More durable alternatives like platinum are more expensive but will allow you to wear your tennis necklace more often without fear that its parts will wear out quickly.

White gold is a good choice because it is more durable than gold, but not as expensive as platinum.

The tennis chains at KRKC&CO are plated 5 times in 14/18 carat gold or white gold. Both are of great quality at an affordable price.

At KRKC, we are always here offering you the best quality of urban jewelry. Trust us.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via Email for customizing products.