Butterflies, Butterflies, and Butterflies! These magnificent creatures are the talk of the fashion industry everywhere around the world. For you to become a part of this trend, we at KRKC&CO, have designed a fine collection of jewelry utilizing the universally enticing butterfly motif. With the help of our seasoned jewelry artisans, we have compiled a list of top reasons that will help you in making an informed decision!


Do as Celebrities Do!

There is a star in all of us! Celebrities are usually the first to hop on trends and boost their popularity especially among generation Z. A growing number of celebrities have been spotted sporting butterfly motif jewelry accessories, from famous musicians like Rihanna and Taylor Swift to reality stars like Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande, all of these celebrities have been frequently captured by the paparazzi wearing butterfly earrings or a necklace. If celebrities do not inspire you to accommodate this everlasting trend, then we do not know what will!  



Butterflies on Instagram!

Besides being celebrities some of the stars are also big on Instagram and these influencers have not hesitated to share their love for butterflies by launching an entire collection of accessories inspired by butterflies.

For instance, Kylie Jenner has recently launched an entire collection of cosmetics, The Stormi Collection named after Kylie’s daughter: Stormi and inspired by butterflies. Butterfly-inspired palette cosmetics of The Stormi Collection include blushers, eye shadow, lipsticks, and lip gloss. To top it all off, Kylie also hosted a butterfly themed party for her daughter Stormi’s birthday wherein everything including the birthday cake, decorations, dresses, and the entire buffet was inspired by butterflies. Major influencers like Ariana Grande, Gabby Epstein, and Sierra Furtado are lovers of butterfly jewelry and have shared images wearing the pieces with their millions of followers.

If you are still wondering why both celebrities and influencers are raving about these must-have accessories, then read on as we will give you a few more reasons why butterfly jewelry is a celebrity/influencer mainstay!


Butterfly Jewelry: A Timeless Classic!

These elite individuals maintain their public image through butterfly jewelry that represents evolution as a butterfly was once a caterpillar. This evolution symbolizes freedom, growth, and metamorphosis. Unlike, other fashion trends that come and go, butterfly inspired jewelry is here to stay.


There is a Butterfly for Everyone!

 Whether you have metamorphized from a teenager to an adult, or are yearning for freedom from the chains of a recent toxic breakup, or want to turn a new leaf by entering into a new relationship/job, there is a butterfly piece at KRKC&CO for all of these occasions! 



Butterfly Jewelry: Complements Every Outfit!

All of us crave jewelry that can be used for both chic and casual occasions. Butterfly jewelry works wonders for all occasions. It is time to address a universally known fact; butterfly jewelry is for all occasions! For instance, if you are attending a formal gala event, a butterfly piece will be an ideal accessory to add panache to your attire while complementing your dress. For a dinner date with someone you have just met, butterfly jewelry will pair wonderfully with a minidress and a pair of stiletto heels, or even with chic jeans and a fancy top. KRKC&CO has butterfly jewelry that is designed to suit every occasion. 




When you are out and about looking for butterfly jewelry for yourself or as a gift to a special one, we at KRKC&CO, have crafted a collection of butterfly inspired jewelry pieces that include chokers, earrings, and necklaces to ensure that there is a butterfly for everyone! This glamourous jewelry can be worn on any occasion and made to suit any style of fashion, whether understated or flamboyant. We will leave you with a quote from Robyn Nola,” Butterflies are nature's angels. They remind us what a gift it is to be alive.”