If we have $100, what would be the best thing to buy with it? 

We can buy four new hats or 35 cheeseburgers (McDonald's) or a set of beautiful jewelry in KRKC&CO.

But if you want to do something different, read the following comics first, please.

These comics tell us a story of love. The old man gave the homeless man his love with $100, the homeless man shared this love with the little boy. Everybody felt happiness.

1. Transmit Love with a Help

If we help someone who is in troubles, the one will feel better for the transaction and a connection is made. It might be a little thing you have done, but it would be a huge help for others. Your timely help will be appreciated. And you will be cheered up by cheering someone else up. So give your helping hand generously when you are available.

2. Express Love with a Smile

Have you ever had one day everything is going wrong?

The weather is awful, your coffee is knocked over, your computer won’t start, your best friend just quarreled with you, or maybe you just lost your dream job or even worse.

Now if someone smile at you, maybe you can feel better.

We all have bad days, but dude, look at those bad fortune from different perspectives, cause maybe tomorrow will be a sunny day. Just imagine, the person who’s smiling at you might have just fallen in love, or they might get praised by their boss for completing a project. Who knows.

Their tiny gesture of happiness is infectious, which instantaneously reminds you that although those bad fortunes come into us, there is more kindness in this world. Thus, keep in faith that those bad things will finally pass soon.

So, express love with a smile, because a smile will probably brighten a stranger’s day.

3. Sublimate Love with a Faith

Nowadays, many religious symbols of faith are being used in jewelry, such as the Ankh Cross Pendant, Latin Cross pendant, Nail Cross pendant, Guardian Angel pendant, and Hamsa Hand.

The one, who has faith in his heart, is always expecting good things to come. Sometimes, when things don’t work out as planned, we will fall into despair. However, if we have faith in our heart and even the spirit, we can fulfill it with our faith. Faith is simple but important. It can make you stronger to defeat any difficult, stress and fear.

Therefore, smiling and being kind to others with faith in mind can be a great way to improve the lives around you. From now on, let's help others, let's smile at others, and let's create miracles with faith.

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