When you standing at the jewelry counter, and riffing through the items, but found there is even no one piece of jewelry could completely satisfy you. You could only buy what’s available for sale. KRKC&CO Custom Jewelry can solve this problem absolutely. 

By sharing us your inspiration, you could have a piece of jewelry that is completely unique and meaningful at an affordable price. A piece of unique jewelry that only belongs to you. The process of creating a piece of custom jewelry involves detailed communication of your inspiration, careful design of the structure, custom jewelry material selection, computer rendering, revision, approvals. A high-quality piece of custom jewelry will show your personality and you will love to wear it.

There are 5 reasons why you choose KRKC&CO custom jewelry.

1. Creative Design

Our experienced jewelry-designers will draft out a structure according to your idea merged with the latest hip hop jewelry fashion. You're encouraged to free your mind with your creativity when it comes to custom jewelry. And detailed communication is needed to ensure you like the design. We aim for the most aesthetic design for every single piece created. If you can imagine it, we can create it. 

2.  Premium Quality Materials

Hand-picked AAA CZ Stone, real 14K or 18K gold plated (5 times plated), sterling silver as the base material.

Of course, if you want solid gold jewelry or even you don't want any stones to inlay on your custom jewelry piece, they are all optional.

No matter what decision, we will select the best material with your custom jewelry.

3. A Passion For Crafting

Simply put, we love creating jewelry. Every diamond is inlaid using wax inlay, so you can see that diamonds inlaid in KRKC&CO jewelry are neatly arranged. Together with our skilled craftsmanship, the jewelry is perfectly presented.

Every time we deliver a piece of custom jewelry to our customer, it feels like we hand over a precious. We sincerely hope every customer will take it as “his precious”.  

4. Competitive Price

Perhaps you’ve tried to reach out for some brands to custom your jewelry but was freaked out by the price, most starting at $1,000. KRKC&CO changes the game.

Comparing with other male hip-hop jewelry brands, in KRKC&CO, all the custom jewelry have no minimum price, no consultation fee, and at least 30% off the market price. And there will be a BIG discount up to 60% off for Team Logo.

We promise you can get your custom jewelry at the most proper price, as our materials are cost-effective. Come to KRKC&CO, we can offer you more than you can imagine!

5. Worldwide Service

Our customer service team recruited with people speaking fluent English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean. 12/7 online to work on your project with you. Email, Phone, iMessage, Messenger, WhatsApp, Line all available. Talk to us whenever you get an idea.

To see our creations of custom jewelry, visit our online store, and feel free to contact us if you have any idea or question. We are sincerely welcome your coming and we will try our best to create a piece of unique, special jewelry for you. We promise you won’t be disappointed. click to start your custom piece.


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