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    A custom-designed piece of jewelry sets you apart from the crowd. It's the one only belongs to you.
    When you rock a KRKC-designed piece in the club or just kickin' back with your crew you'll feel a confidence in your look that comes across to everyone.
    No consultation fee required. Just tell us your idea, we'll make it true.
    Customize one for you and your bros or your band, get a BIG discount! 30% off for 2 persons, 40% off for 3, 50% off for 4, 60% off for 5! If you come with 10 guys, oh bro, it's almost for free! 80% off! Go and find your bro, custom one pendant only belong to you guys!

    Our jewelry: In-kind Shooting, Lasting shine, Perfect gift with fashion and quality.

    We provide Free shipping, 30-day return, 365-day warranty.

    Matching Chains Reference

    Type Cuban chain, rope chain, franco chain, tennis chain
    Color Gold/white gold
    Length 18"/20"/22"/24"/other lengths

    Reference Link:






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